BrandMuscle Releases First Study on Local Marketing for Insurance Industry

BrandMuscle | October 31, 2019
The State of Local Marketing in Insurance Report identifies top local marketing priorities for insurance marketers. This first-ever industry-specific guide, is an extension to the annual The State of Local Marketing Report, published annually for the last 5 years. This new industry companion report examines investment and knowledge in local marketing, corporate and agent commitment, and quality and relevance of brand-provided content.Compared to benchmark industries, insurance agents are more likely to feel they are receiving meaningful training and support from their corporate partner. But nearly half of insurance agents found deficiencies in their corporate-provided program. Content is perceived as too generic and digital marketing is not adequately supported. Nearly half of insurance agents feel there are at least some important tactics that are not offered to them as part of their corporate-provided local marketing program.

BrandMuscle found that insurance agents are generally more mature than local partners in benchmark industries, due in large part to a much higher level of financial investment in corporate-provided marketing programs. “Insurance agents want to have skin in the game and those additional funds are helping brands amplify their message locally,” states Jason Tabeling, EVP of Product Strategy at BrandMuscle.

Key Findings of The State of Local Marketing in Insurance Report

Insurance agents put greater emphasis on one-to-one tactics like direct mail and email. Print and broadcast advertising are less widely used. Social media is a leading priority for insurance agents, much higher than reported in other industries, with social media advertising offering the most significant opportunity for investment.

+ 68% of insurance agents are more likely to invest their own funds on local marketing, versus 33% of partners in other industries
+ The top 3 marketing priorities for insurance agents include Social Media Advertising, Website, and Direct Mail
+ 60% of agents have claimed their Google listing, but fewer than 1 in 4 are confident that online business listings are up-to-date

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