Building an AI-First Local Marketing Architecture

Brain King | September 21, 2023

Today, the seismic impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on local marketing architecture, particularly for channel partners and affiliates, is only just beginning to be fully felt.

This innovative technology has dramatically transformed marketing approaches and business strategies, but we are still in the early stages of this revolution.

In response to this transformative shift, BrandMuscle has launched, a robust suite of AI tools and services. Our AI initiatives fall into three core components: generative AI, AI-assisted workflows and chat, and recommendations. As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI marketing, it’s important to identify new patterns both within our applications and in the wider industry.

That’s why the term “AI-first local marketing” is used to reflect our cutting-edge approach at BrandMuscle. This is analogous to designing websites with a “mobile-first” perspective. It means we’re prioritizing AI implementation from the ground up and centering our strategies and systems around harnessing these tools and services.

BrandMuscle AI orchestration diagram with inputs of compliance, ad optimization,, Markie, and generative services

What’s an AI-First Local Marketing Architecture?

To analyze AI’s impact on marketing and business, there are some key areas that are worth addressing. Let’s look at what elements are included in an AI-first marketing design.

Brand Voice

In the realm of AI-first marketing, maintaining a consistent brand voice across all marketing channels and campaigns is paramount. ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) can produce amazing and original content, but your brand voice can easily get lost when using AI.

That’s why has implemented a brand voice feature that makes sure your generative content sounds like your brand. It helps less mature marketers create on-brand content in seconds by generating individual brand attributes, such as language, tone, and personality.

Brand Knowledge Corpus

AI-first local marketing leverages a comprehensive knowledge corpus in conjunction with LLMs. The corpus houses product and service data, facts about the company, past writings, presentations, and more to augment the generative content.

AI-generated content should be accurate and relevant to your product and service offerings, as well as your brand voice. BrandMuscle addresses this through our Brand Voice/Brand Voice Explainer, the Brand Knowledge Corpus, as well as integrating our Compliance Engine.

Brand, Legal, and Regulatory Compliance

Companies using AI-generated images, videos, audio, creative assets, or generative text know the value they bring. However, brands still need to maintain legal and brand compliance with a landscape of rapidly evolving technology. That’s why tools like the compliance engine are indispensable to brands and agencies in safeguarding their interests and those of their clients.

The compliance engine checks all AI-generated content against brand, legal, and regulatory compliance standards while ensuring it meets your pricing, policy, and shipping requirements. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about noncompliant assets making it into the marketplace and putting your brand at risk.

AI-first local marketing brings compliance into the AI conversation and makes sure generative output remains consistent, compliant, and high-quality.

Data Exploration and Analysis

The power of LLMs is ending the era of wrestling with complex Excel spreadsheets. These advanced AI systems empower more users with the ability to explore data and obtain actionable insights.

Natural Language Querying (NLQ) empowers everyday users that are not familiar with technology like Structured Query Language (SQL) or programs like Microsoft Excel. English, it seems, has become the new SQL. This empowers marketers with the ability to rapidly ask questions and glean actionable insights — and then get back to growing their business.

Adaptive UI/UX and Just-In-Time Contextual Notifications

UIs that respond to user activity and notifications that change based on context are making work more productive. These changes are making it easier for users to accomplish their goals and providing a more productive work environment.

Multimodal Input and Output

The narrative of AI is no longer confined to text. No longer are you constrained to work in a text-in/text-out world when interacting with chatbot tools like BrandMuscle’s Markie. Markie is a local marketing virtual assistant that provides affiliates with personalized marketing guidance and execution.

Multimodal input and output, spanning text, voice, video, structured, and unstructured data, are integral to the AI experience. For example, you may start working on a workflow via a traditional text chat interface. Then, you may proceed to upload a file with structured data and images, then edit or ask questions using only voice commands. Or using voice input to generate a video or podcast script, producing both text and synthetic audio.

While the work output may look and feel the same, the way the work is getting to the done status is changing.

AI Is Changing the Local Marketing Game

AI-first local marketing architecture is more than a simple shift in tools or tactics — it’s a paradigm shift in how you approach and implement marketing strategies.

By putting AI at the heart of marketing processes, we’re reshaping the marketing landscape, fostering innovation, and driving growth. As BrandMuscle continues to evolve AI capabilities, we’re excited to lead the way in this groundbreaking new era of marketing.

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