Crunch Fitness Grows With BrandMuscle

BrandMuscle | November 7, 2022

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, Crunch Fitness has embarked on an extraordinary journey of expansion, and at the helm of their soaring trajectory is their formidable alliance with BrandMuscle. Chad Waetzig, the EVP of Marketing and Branding at Crunch Fitness, candidly reflects on this transformative partnership that has redefined their approach to marketing.

Crunch Fitness Streamlines Asset Management

Gone are the days when creative requests were an arduous dance of endless emails to overburdened marketing managers.

“Prior to starting our partnership with BrandMuscle, a franchisee would send an email to one of our marketing managers for literally every creative request we had, and that was the way we managed the process,” said Chad. “It was very complex, very time-consuming, and we realized we needed something different.”

BrandMuscle’s flexible, customizable, and scalable platform effortlessly aligned with Crunch Fitness’ vision for growth, setting them miles ahead of the competition.

In the realm of franchise businesses, maintaining brand compliance often presents a monumental challenge. Before BrandMuscle’s intervention, local graphic designers were the go-to for Crunch Fitness’ franchisees, churning out creative assets that varied wildly. Today, they have end-to-end visibility into their marketing materials.

“Now, we control the entire process, and we get to see what our franchisees are using, what are the most popular assets, what are the least popular assets,” said Chad, “and then we can tailor our programs to best meet our franchisees’ needs.”

This newfound control offers unprecedented insight into the assets favored by franchisees, enabling Crunch Fitness to tailor programs that cater to their diverse needs.

Crunch Fitness’ Future With BrandMuscle

Looking forward with unfaltering optimism, Chad envisions a radiant future for Crunch Fitness where growth knows no bounds. With an awe-inspiring 1,300+ locations sold and an ever-burgeoning 415 operating today, the numbers speak volumes.

“The great thing about our growth trajectory is we know BrandMuscle is going to be there as a long-term partner…” said Chad. “It’s going to be an exciting five years.”

Our local marketing platform’s design resonates with companies like Crunch Fitness — fueling rapid growth, navigating multiple units, and empowering an extensive network of franchisees. It’s an alliance that spells excitement and promise, setting the stage for an exuberant five years ahead.

Learn How BrandMuscle Can Help You

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Request a demo today and unlock the boundless potential that awaits your company. Together, let’s script a tale of unprecedented triumphs and make your brand a towering beacon in your industry. The future awaits — let’s seize it together.

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