Don’t Fear the AI Takeover: Why Robots Won’t Take Your Job

Gina Ghamo | November 28, 2023

If 2023 has been one thing, it’s the year of the AI takeover.

First came the introduction of ChatGPT, then things started to snowball from there — soon, it seemed like every company was doling out their own AI solutions.

(Guilty as charged.)

Ever since AI came bursting onto the scene, it’s safe to say this technology has only gotten better, smarter, and more efficient.

And that’s exactly what scares people.

The more skills AI masters, the more marketers fear their own abilities will no longer be needed. If AI can do their jobs faster, cheaper, and better, then human involvement must have an expiration date, right?

Let’s put those fears to bed.

Will robots take my job?

The short answer is no, AI isn’t going to swoop in, take your job, and leave you SOL. It’s just not that simple.

Think of it this way: The emergence of AI is just another transformative shift, much like the introduction of the internet, social media, or mobile marketing. Each of these advancements brought groundbreaking capabilities that people found intimidating and even frightening — many felt that these technologies challenged their own skills and put their jobs in a vulnerable position. Sound familiar? Ultimately, these technologies proved to be vital tools that greatly assisted humans in their careers. 

In short, AI provides considerable value to companies, but it isn’t going to replace you. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be living an AI-free life. Quite the contrary.

AI won’t take your job, but as a marketer, you also can’t avoid it. If you’re not using AI now, you will be soon enough — but you shouldn’t look at that as a bad thing.

Using AI in your marketing, at this point, is a necessity. Otherwise, you forfeit your success to marketers who are already taking advantage of it — but more on that later.

Here’s why your job is safe from AI.

3 Reasons AI won’t take your job

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably still skeptical of AI. You want actual proof before you really believe your job is safe. Fair enough.

So, let’s get into the specifics. Here’s why you have nothing to fear amid the AI takeover.

1. AI requires human intervention

Can AI perform tasks with super-human speed? Yes.

But it can’t do it without you.

Take generative AI, for example. This technology can create marketing content like emails, social media posts, and blogs in just seconds. However, you have to put something into the machine to get something out. In other words, AI needs you to tell it what to generate before it can actually provide the content — and that’s no small task.

Generative AI prompt engineering is its own art form. Your prompts need to be both specific and concise for AI to create the highest-quality product, which often takes a bit of trial and error. And your involvement doesn’t end after the output, either.

Once the AI generates your desired content, you can’t just trust that it’s perfect. Humans are a necessary last defense against errors and inaccuracies. And even if the AI-generated material is grammatically correct, you’ll likely need to make some edits to ensure it’s optimized, compliant, and accurately reflects your brand voice.

The same goes for AI-generated images. Maybe you ask the AI to create an image of a couple drinking beer on an outdoor patio, and this is what it comes up with:

Man and woman smiling while holding beer bottles on a sunny patio

Once you see the output, you may decide you want the AI to make some changes — perhaps you want the scene to take place in the evening instead of the daytime. Or maybe you want a more ethnically diverse couple. Maybe the beer is depicted in bottles, but you want it in glasses. You’ll need to continue tweaking the prompt until you get exactly what you want.

Only after adjusting the prompt to accommodate your preferences will you get the perfect image.

Man and woman smiling and holding glasses filled with beer on a patio in the evening

The point is: AI needs human beings. For AI to execute your marketing vision, you need to be a part of the process.

2. AI will lighten your load (not eliminate it)

Will AI be used to perform tasks you currently handle yourself? More than likely, yes. But that’s not to say it’s going to take over all of your usual responsibilities.

Think about your most mundane tasks as a marketer — approving claims submissions, manually entering data into spreadsheets, checking marketing materials for compliance violations. These processes can be monotonous and time-consuming, but they’re also necessary.

Now, imagine AI hammering out all of those pesky tasks for you.

Don’t think of AI as your competitor — think of it as your personal assistant. Instead of burning hours working on low-value tasks, you can turn them over to AI. By automating these repetitive workflows, you can spend more time focusing on high-value, strategy-driven tasks that really move the needle.

3. AI will likely create new jobs

Odds are, AI isn’t going to eliminate jobs from the workforce — it’s actually going to create more of them.

Like any technology, AI needs people to develop, improve, and sustain it. As a result, you can expect a plethora of new roles to emerge as a result of AI, such as:

  • Prompt engineers
  • AI programmers
  • Data scientists
  • Ethics and governance specialists
  • Data privacy managers
  • AI trainers
  • Machine learning experts

The bigger AI gets, the more people will need to be involved, and the more jobs will be created to maintain it.

The true danger of the AI takeover

Even though you shouldn’t be worried about losing your job to AI, there’s still something you should be worried about.

AI won’t take your job — but someone who knows how to use AI will.

AI is helping people accomplish tasks more efficiently than ever. So, it’s essential that you understand AI and know how to use it to do more with less. Otherwise, your job is vulnerable to marketers who have already learned how to master AI.

Learning to leverage AI in your marketing is crucial to surviving the AI takeover, much less thriving in it.

Don’t know where to start? Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to drive outsized results with the power of AI. And if you haven’t already, try exploring AI tools like ChatGPT,, and Midjourney to get a feel for the technology and where it fits with your marketing workflows.

Master AI in your local marketing

Now that you know AI isn’t your enemy, it’s time to make it your friend.

With AI services from BrandMuscle, you and your affiliates can maximize marketing efficiency through AI-automated workflows, marketing recommendations, and generative AI.

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