Why Dynamic Landing Pages Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Gina Ghamo | April 4, 2024

It’s the age-old adage: You can’t please everyone.

… or can you?

With dynamic landing pages, your content can appeal to every consumer in your target audience at the same time.

But how is that possible?

Let’s get into it.

Consider this your guide to dynamic landing pages, including what they are, how they work, and why you should use them.

What are dynamic landing pages?

Dynamic landing pages are personalized web pages that provide a custom experience to users based on their locations. The goal of this customization is to convert local customers as they travel through the marketing funnel.

Here’s how it works: When a user clicks on an ad, they’re directed to a landing page featuring a unique combination of dynamic elements — such as headlines, copy, pop-ups, images, and calls to action — based on their location.

Below is an example of a dynamic page and its different location variations:

Adobe dynamic landing page showing man holding up a sign that says "we can" with promotional copy

Adobe dynamic landing page with graphic design image and promotional copy

How do personalized landing pages work?

Dynamic landing pages are intentionally hidden from search engines, so they can’t be found through organic search. Instead, these personalized web pages are attached to paid media campaigns. Once clicked, they automatically draw users’ location data to deliver a geographically relevant experience with no manual content management required.

Benefits of dynamic landing pages

When you integrate dynamic landing pages into your marketing strategy, you’ll enjoy the many advantages of this tactic:

  • Effective targeting: These web pages are highly targeted, ensuring all messaging is relevant to the user’s location.
  • Elevated user experience: Because dynamic landing pages are personalized, they deliver better user experiences that are more likely to resonate with your affiliates’ audiences.
  • Increased conversions: Because these pages are customized to better resonate with users, they drive more conversions. In fact, landing pages have the highest sign-up rate of any other form at 23%.
  • Performance measuring: Dynamic landing pages include fully integrated reporting from ad to conversion, providing your partners with a wealth of performance insights they can use to better inform their strategy moving forward.
  • Versatility: These web pages can be used to support any promotion — from product launches to events to limited-time offers.

How to create a dynamic page

Creating dynamic landing pages is no small feat, especially when building them from the ground up. That’s why we recommend using a landing page template rather than starting from scratch. It’s important to note that most landing page solutions can’t support hundreds of combinations, so you’ll have to create all pages manually to make them dynamic.

Once you’ve chosen a layout, you’ll need to incorporate some key elements into your page. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create headlines: When writing headlines, make sure they’re actionable and concise yet descriptive to encourage your audience to keep reading.
  2. Write body copy: Your copy should clearly convey your core message while communicating the value of your offerings, with the most important information above the fold. Make sure the copy is succinct — pages with under 100 words have a 50% better conversion rate than longer landing pages.
  3. Incorporate images: No one wants to stare at a page full of text. Be sure to add some eye-catching visuals to break up your copy, but make sure all images are relevant to your message and help tell the story.
  4. Add CTAs: To drive conversions, be sure to include clear calls to action throughout the page to help consumers take their next step. You can incorporate your CTAs as buttons, banners, or within the body copy.
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat: You’ll need to repeat the previous steps as many times as it takes to create a custom page for each location.
  6. Track performance: Like all marketing, personalized landing pages aren’t set-it-and-forget-it. It’s important to continuously monitor performance, note what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments accordingly.

If you think creating effective dynamic landing pages is a lot of work, you’re right. That’s why you should consider investing in dynamic landing page services to turn these responsibilities over to the professionals.

Why create dynamic landing pages with BrandMuscle?

BrandMuscle makes building and tracking dynamic landing pages easy across your partner network with local marketing services for channel affiliates. Here’s what you can expect when creating personalized landing pages through BrandMuscle.

Hands-off services

Half the struggle of dynamic landing pages is managing them. Not only will our marketing experts build your affiliates’ web pages for them, but they’ll also track and manage these pages over time — no need to get involved on your end. All your affiliates have to do is sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Win-win for brands and affiliates

Our dynamic landing page services offer the best of both worlds for you and your affiliates. You can trust that all pages are brand- and legal-compliant, and your local partners can feel confident their pages are optimized to drive leads to their local sites.


Our personalized landing page services support unlimited combinations of locations, affiliates, and tactics based on performance data. Plus, you can run multiple promotions concurrently instead of picking and choosing which campaigns to launch at a time.

Data-driven insights

When it comes to managing your dynamic landing pages, there are a lot of metrics to track — and we do it all. The experts will monitor and report on all the following data:

  • Phone calls
  • Lead form submissions
  • Google Maps direction requests
  • Links to local websites
  • Mailto/email links
  • Social media links

You’ll also have access to the complete reporting suite so you can get full visibility into the customer journey.

Increased conversions

Compliance is our bread and butter. That’s why you can be certain all branding and messaging adhere to your brand standards across all affiliate landing pages. And better consistency across the entire customer journey leads to higher conversion rates.

Dynamic landing pages also allow for vendor pixeling, enabling media optimization that targets consumers who are most likely to convert.

Drive more conversions at the local level

Ready to amplify your local marketing with impactful dynamic landing pages? With paid media services from BrandMuscle, you can leverage support from subject matter experts to target and convert more customers.

Book a demo to see how our services can help your affiliates drive results.

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