How Google Neural Matching Impacts Local Search and SEO

Jason Tabeling | January 6, 2020

Google is always tweaking its algorithm to ensure the best results are surfaced for its users. In 2019 Google made over seven substantial changes and hundreds of smaller ones. In early December of 2019, Google announced that the algorithm update that it had started to roll out in November was, in their words, “making use of neural matching as part of the process of generating local search results.” This update is yet another step in Google’s ability to interpret not only keywords, but the context and intent of the keywords submitted.

What Is Neural Matching?

Neural matching started in 2018 and was used to better understand how words are related to searches. Essentially, it’s creating a better understanding of synonyms for various concepts. The example Google provided was:

What Is the SEO Impact?

This update doesn’t require much be done in order to improve SEO results. If anything, it reinforces the basics. According to BrightLocal, the key times of volatility occurred in early November and have really slowed down to their lowest levels in 2019. This indicates that the amount of change businesses see in their daily rankings has slowed down at the end of 2019 and after this algorithm update.

What Should I Do to Ensure My Site Perform Its Best?

We recommend you focus on three key elements based on this algorithm update:

1. Create relevant content: Think about how users are searching for your business offering and how you can best write site content to be found based on these searches.

2. Keep your content fresh: Your job isn’t done when the original content goes live. You must keep your content updated and current. This might mean writing content for promotions, offers, new jobs, or just things happening in your community, but Google rewards businesses with frequently fresh content on their site.

3. Keep location data current: Google My Business and other location data provider information needs to be current, complete, and accurate. Read more about the importance of LDM.

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