Identify the Right Marketing Stack for Your Business and Drive Efficiency

Elizabeth Vales | December 21, 2023

Your campaigns are only as good as your marketing tech stack.

And that’s especially true when supporting large partner networks across multiple geos. When working with local affiliates across the country and in various markets, it’s important to look for ways to improve marketing efficiency while also improving your effectiveness and reach.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when leveraging the right mix of marketing, technology, and expertise to drive more efficient marketing spending.

Follow this advice, and your marketing ROI will undoubtedly reach new heights.

Find the right marketing mix for your business

In order to create the most efficient marketing plan possible, several factors need to be considered. Let’s start with the big questions: What is your business strategy? Do you have a specific target audience, geographic focus, or budget?

Based on your objective, there are different cross-channel options to explore. If your goal is brand awareness, tactics like online display, YouTube, radio, and streaming audio are a great fit. When looking to nurture potential leads, consider options in social media or paid search. If you are pursuing customization acquisitions to drive leads home, consider media tactics like events or radio on-sites.

Our team of marketing consultants can help make recommendations and drive you to the best options based on your industry, region, goals, and market research.

Make processes easier by scaling your local marketing

Create brand-approved content to ensure cohesive messaging in the marketplace. Allow your local affiliates to personalize these brand-compliant pieces with local contact information to drive traffic to their local businesses.

Partner with an expert who understands technology and how to execute at scale. Our team of hyper-local marketing experts can help:

  • Create your digital, print, or audio files
  • Monitor for brand compliance
  • Process co-op claims on behalf of your local affiliates
  • Manage partner budgets through touchpoints throughout the year
  • Execute orders from planning, vendor contracts, and payment

Measure the impact of your marketing activities

With so many key performance indicators (aka KPIs) available, depending on your digital platform, marketing tactic, and campaign type, it’s important to review these metrics and optimize regularly.

There are many data points that can be measured when tracking digital marketing campaign success, from the number of impressions the campaign delivered to how many people clicked on your ad. Regularly tracking and reviewing this information will help you measure and identify trends over time and allow you to pivot your strategy when necessary.

At BrandMuscle, our team can help review individual metrics with local affiliates to understand their campaign performance.

The right marketing stack for your business

At the end of the day, what’s going to drive efficiency for your business is a specific use case. To identify the solutions you need to thrive, book a demo today. One of our marketing experts would love to discuss custom solutions that will help you build the best marketing tech stack for your business.

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