Localized Social Media Posts Increase Engagement and Improve Your Reputation  

Jade Shimooka | June 5, 2023

Want to see unprecedented social engagement? It’s all about localized social media posts.

You’ve heard it before: Small businesses need to get involved in their communities to prosper. Of course, physically giving back is essential, but showing support digitally can also drive impact.

The best strategy is to go directly to where your community is on social media! This is exactly what our Organic Social Media team set forth to do for one of our clients, a leading telecom company.

The Problem: Social Media Struggles

Our client’s agents were struggling to get engagements with their social media posts.

Their content focused heavily on corporate promotions and corporate giving posts. While these types of posts can play a role in a social framework, we set out to revamp their strategy and create a more cohesive content calendar featuring supplementary categories such as local posts, GIFs/memes, tech tips, and holidays.

The Solution: Localized Social Media Posts

The team sourced local articles and encouraged agents to provide store-specific information for social posts, such as spotlights of employees or events taking place in their stores.

When finding local content in rural areas proved challenging, BrandMuscle partnered with a content-sourcing agency and cut post research time by 75%.

Hyper-local articles have a 433% higher engagement per post, and store spotlights perform 1,116% better than average posts. Today, localized posts are now an extremely successful part of the program’s social strategy.

Why Do Localized Social Posts Work?

Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness

Reposting locally sourced articles and highlighting store employees can nurture engagement and grow brand reputation. Whether it’s the local 5k fundraiser, the ice cream shop opening down the street, or wishing a happy birthday to a team member, incorporating local posts in your strategic weekly social media mix can be a great addition to gaining name recognition.

Cultivate Trust With Your Community

Showing you care about the greater good of the community will allow your audience to respect and trust your brand. Sharing local information or raising awareness of a cause will let consumers know you value being a part of the community rather than just running a business.

Nurture Relationships

Fostering business relationships with those in your circle is important. These posts will not only build brand awareness for your local business, but also for the community as a whole. Whatever you want to call it (karma, pay-it-forward, or reciprocal energy), you will most likely get the same recognition in return.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

If your local affiliates’ social media metrics aren’t up to par, BrandMuscle is here to help. Our team can work with you to develop a strategic social media mix that is right for you. Book a demo today to learn more about our tools, strategic services, and affiliate support.

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