How to Measure Retail Foot Traffic

Maggie Thomas | February 26, 2019

Hey there, fellow marketing maestros! You know how your partners are investing in those show-stopping cinema ads, attention-grabbing billboards, and captivating events to lure in potential customers.

But here’s the million-dollar question: How do you connect the dots between those marketing dollars and the steady stream of shoppers walking through their doorways?

Fear not, because we have the answer — it’s all about mastering the art of measuring retail foot traffic!

Foot Traffic Studies: Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Insights

Imagine this — you run a retail business, and your growth and return on investment (ROI) are top priorities. To achieve that, you need to know precisely how effective your advertising efforts are and how far-reaching they’ve become.

That’s where foot traffic studies swoop in to save the day, allowing you to measure the impact of your advertisements on shoppers and track their journeys as they stroll into your physical stores. It’s a game-changer that lets you make informed decisions to maximize your success!

So, what makes measuring foot traffic so vital for retailers, especially local businesses? The answer is simple yet profound: it’s your gateway to unparalleled insights! Not only does it help you gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, but it also offers a brand-new metric to understand just how far your marketing efforts can reach.

In a world where every marketing dollar counts, this kind of data-driven knowledge can be the key to unlocking untapped potential!

The Science Behind Measuring Foot Traffic: Technology at Its Finest

Now, you might wonder, “How in the world can we measure foot traffic so accurately?”

Fear not — it’s all thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Mobile phones and apps come to the rescue, capturing a smartphone’s device ID. By tapping into the location data that shoppers have opted to share through location services, retailers can track the number of people who’ve seen their advertisements and subsequently graced their establishment with their presence. It’s like having a virtual map that guides you from the ad exposure to the real-world store visit — no more guesswork, just solid data!

Here’s the cool part — to measure foot traffic accurately, advertisers draw digital virtual fences, known as geofences, around both the physical advertisements and the local business area. When a shopper enters this double-layered digital boundary, voila! You’ve got a correlation, which means you can confidently infer that the geofenced advertisement was the magic spark that led the shopper to your partner’s location. It’s like a well-choreographed dance between virtual and real-world spaces, all in the name of marketing success.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Strategic Approach: Making Foot Traffic Studies Accessible to All

We get it — foot traffic studies sound like the bee’s knees, but you might wonder if they’re financially feasible, especially for smaller businesses.

But fear not, because we’ve got your back! Our cutting-edge technology allows our partners to tap into the goldmine of existing data from the plethora of small campaigns we run every day. That’s how we’re able to offer foot traffic data at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. It’s like getting top-tier insights without breaking the bank — a true win-win.

Success Story: Drive In-Store Engagement With Direct Mail and Addressable Mobile Display

Now, let’s dive into a jaw-dropping success story that’ll leave you inspired and ready to take action.

The objective was to reach and activate potential cell phone users who were willing to switch networks for a store visit and purchase. But let’s face it — banner blindness and crowded mailboxes pose a challenge, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

Enter our strategic tactic integration:

  • Mailbox warming: We ran mobile display advertisements through addressable geofencing five days before delivering the direct mail, ensuring our message got a warm welcome.
  • Direct mail postcard: A promotional direct mail postcard was delivered to the targeted households, capturing attention in a tangible and impactful way.
  • Mobile retargeting: We retargeted device IDs captured through addressable geofencing for a full 30 days post-direct mail, keeping our message front and center in the minds of potential customers.
  • Store visit/purchase: Our pièce de résistance — capturing foot traffic in store conversion zones and redeeming coupons to measure the campaign’s success in real-world results.

And the Results? Drumroll, Please!

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re sure to impress:

  • A jaw-dropping +50% lift in display click-through rate (CTR) when direct mail was included, proving the power of an integrated approach
  • An impressive +65% reach of new store consumers, showcasing the campaign’s ability to tap into untapped markets
  • Approximately 2,500 consumers driven to participating stores — that’s the magic of targeted marketing in action
  • A staggering +150% over the performance of the industry response rate

Ready to Rock Your Retail Foot Traffic? Let’s Chat!

The power of measuring retail foot traffic is undeniable, and BrandMuscle’s here to help you unleash its full potential. If you’re eager to make data-driven decisions, tap into unparalleled insights, and convert more customers than ever before, it’s time to take action.

Reach out to BrandMuscle and our leading team of local media buyers will be thrilled to collaborate with you on your journey to marketing success. Let’s bring your brand to new heights together!

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