BrandMuscle Is Where Performance Marketing Meets Strategic Planning

Erin Strong | June 1, 2023

Want to unite the scale of performance marketing with the power of strategic planning?

Look no further than BrandMuscle for your local and channel marketing needs.

At BrandMuscle, we deploy hyper-local marketing strategies to offer you unparalleled value for channel marketing spend.

That’s why we combine multiple marketing strategies into a single reporting platform called the Paid Media Analytics Center (PMAC). We give our clients visibility into cross-channel results, and our marketing strategists leverage omnichannel performance to ensure a higher return on advertising spend (ROAS).

In addition to providing scalability for enterprise clients with over 10,000 local marketing locations, customization for each location, local marketing expertise, program automation, data-driven insights, and expert support, our cost-effective tools eliminate the need for multiple vendors or disparate reporting systems that don’t allow for omnichannel insights.

At BrandMuscle, our clients enjoy the benefits of a close-knit integrated marketing team working together to ensure program success within given local market budgetary constraints and corporate client goals.

How BrandMuscle Drives Unbeatable Performance Marketing

Our team of marketing strategists kicks off a new client campaign by completing a SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, review of client-shared customer segments, review of client brand books, and by searching the web for industry information and client information. Nothing gets past us.

Next, our team of strategists determines the most suitable tactics to meet your goals. At BrandMuscle, we leverage advanced planning techniques, such as market research, consumer behavior analysis, partner DSP and platform tactical capability reviews, and trend forecasting to understand your target audience and industry landscape, ensuring that our marketing strategies are aligned with your unique needs and best opportunity cost.

Our Paid Media Analytics Center and client-agreed performance metrics guide us in monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns so we can ensure your budget is being allocated to the most impactful tactics. To ensure the best results, we take an iterative approach and make informed adjustments and optimizations. Adjusting marketing tactics based on fluctuating market conditions and customer needs is something we can easily achieve through artificial intelligence (AI) optimizations and manual subject matter expert (SME) intervention.

BrandMuscle stays ahead of industry trends by adopting a proactive approach to optimization, which enables us to capitalize on emerging market opportunities within the budget. Our approach of using innovative strategies, advanced technological tools, and keeping the focus on continuous improvement results in unparalleled performance marketing that doesn’t rely solely on one metric, such as in-market dates, but instead evaluates a multitude of factors that synthesize performance so that clients can see the big picture.

At BrandMuscle, data is harnessed by a team of experts constantly to optimize performance within a flight and between campaign plans. Through our digital paid media team’s meticulous and cutting-edge targeting techniques, we are able to connect with consumer demographics or geographic areas that are most important on a hyper-local level (meaning we can filter out non-customers to serve your desired consumers at a device level).

Our PMAC reporting allows clients to monitor campaign effectiveness at any time on any day by filtering through a variety of factors. Our marketing strategists then provide key insights on top of reporting to make strategic recommendations in client meetings. For clients wanting real-life meetings, the BrandMuscle team will come to you and conduct white-boarding ideation sessions and performance reviews to ensure alignment.

From eye-catching visuals to persuasive copy, our marketing strategists ensure that every single piece of content resonates with your target audience to enhance brand perception and generate record-breaking results.

If you’re struggling to develop captivating creative, we offer creative services support and creative lab testing on DSPs and Meta to ensure your ads resonate with the targeted customer segments in the specific geographic regions you need.

Continuous Campaign Optimization Using AI and Manual Intervention

At BrandMuscle, we use AI and automation tools to analyze data and make recommendations for optimization. We refine messaging, optimize media channels, and fine-tune targeting parameters to maximize performance and achieve exceptional results. can identify underperforming areas swiftly and take prompt action to ensure efficient campaign execution. But while AI plays a crucial role in campaign optimization, there’s still value in human expertise. Skilled professionals with industry knowledge and experience provide manual intervention to complement AI-driven insights.

This approach allows SMEs to interpret AI recommendations, apply strategic thinking, and make informed decisions to optimize campaigns based on each client’s personalized needs. Our approach utilizes AI automation, real-time monitoring, dynamic creative optimization, A/B testing, and continuous learning to maximize campaign performance and achieve optimal results for clients.

BrandMuscle Performance Marketing Provides Record-Breaking Results

BrandMuscle can help you maximize your marketing budgets with cost-effective solutions.

We provide clients with clear performance indicators, empowering them to make informed decisions and allocate their local marketing budgets wisely. With cost-effective solutions, data-driven strategies, targeted engagement, continuous optimization, transparent reporting, and expert support, BrandMuscle ensures clients achieve exceptional results while optimizing their marketing spend.

Want to see the BrandMuscle difference? Book your demo today to chat with one of our local marketing experts.

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