What Does 5G Mean for Local Marketing?

Jason Tabeling | November 21, 2019

First it was 3G, then 4G, and now we are on the brink of 5G technology. A recent article in AdExchanger made some predictions about what this upcoming shift to 5G might mean for local marketers. We are focused on those in the local space.

5G Is a Win for Both Consumers and Brands

We see this change as positive for both consumers and brands. Simply put the shift to 5G means faster internet connection speeds, especially from mobile phones and tablets. Faster speeds for mobile will lead to more streaming of social, video, and audio content. It will also bring better and faster data exchanges, which will among other things, lead to improved location accuracy.

The ability to have better data to increase targeting accuracy for any ad, search page, or web page experience means better results for both the consumer and brand. Consumers will get a better experience and marketers will get a more targeted audience. While this won’t necessarily change the tactics that local marketers are using to reach their audience, it will increase the chances that the consumers they reach are the right ones.

Improved Measurement Online and In-Store

With the increase in location-specific data, we expect to see improvements in in-store measurement as well. This will improve the ability to measure local marketing tactics and will potentially open up additional measurement or prediction technologies (ie, better probabilistic data and targeting).

We expect to see new offerings as the opportunity to innovate around this technology occurs, but for now, both advertisers and consumers alike should be excited about this change and the opportunities it holds for everyone.

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