Team, Templates, and Timelines: Your Guide to a Successful TCMA Implementation

James Morse | October 11, 2019

Your boss has just asked you to manage this huge project on top of your existing laundry list of responsibilities. You’re told to move quickly, and that means you need your partner ready to rapidly coordinate.At BrandMuscle, we believe in a structured approach to success with our through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) implementation process. The project plan is the first and most obvious need for any new platform project. For our Implementation Project Manager, it is the most important tool in their arsenal for managing what can be a very complex project. The Implementation Project Manager will be your right-hand resource when it comes to getting your new platform off the ground.

Identify and Plan

First, we need to understand the full requirements such as user groups, look and feel, and vendor integrations. Our Implementation Team brings a consultative approach to the process to give you best practices and recommendations based on what we have seen within your specific industry and other like-minded clients. We also recognize that planning is an iterative process, and often execution is too. You may need to roll out a new Brand Management application as well as a Channel Funds Management application; however, doing both may be overwhelming due to scope, internal resource availability, and budgets. Our team is well-versed in phased approaches for rollout without creating excessive timelines.

We establish an expectation from the beginning on the level of detail you expect a schedule to go to, and the reporting frequency you desire. We believe the more communication, the better. The project plan and schedule will always be up-to-date with the information you need to communicate back to your project sponsors on the progress and goals.

Build the Templates

Once requirements are approved by your team, we hit the ground running on development and configurations. Our Implementation Team takes on the heavy lifting during this stage. We recognize your designers have enough big-picture tasks to handle, so our team builds the templates for you. Our proprietary, sophisticated, and database-driven rules ensure every template has brand, legal, and pricing standards maintained while giving your local users the flexibility they need to customize materials to ensure the right product, offer, and visuals are delivered via the right media channel. Our goal is to make creating marketing materials easy for the end users while ensuring ongoing template updates are quick and easy.

Validate for Quality and User Experience

All the templates are built, users are created, integrations are running, the BrandMuscle Quality Assurance team has tested all requirements, the platform is finished. Now it is time to test with you. We walk through the user experience, template customizations, and all workflows alongside you. We then hand over the platform to your team to exhaustively test so you feel comfortable with every nook and cranny before launching to your end users.

Develop Training Materials

Once everything is approved, we finalize all of the training materials needed to make you and your end users feel at home. We cover it all including training guides, chapter-based videos, FAQs, webinars, onsite sessions, you name it, all customized for your brand and platform. We also know training is only half the battle. We work closely with you to develop direct mail and email campaigns, launch kits, and sizzle reels to market the platform for a successful launch that leads to high adoption.

Enhance and Optimize

Now that everything is launched, we are done right? Absolutely not. The BrandMuscle team doesn’t disappear into the shadows for you to manage the platform on your own. We continue to be right beside you offering best practices and recommendations on how to improve engagement. Our UI/UX team is reviewing user data to understand how we can enhance the user’s experience to guide them through the process even faster. Our Product team is listening to your feedback and that of end user’s to add and improve functionality that allows them to better manage local marketing. We continue to be your partner every step of the way.

BrandMuscle’s user support center is available 24/7 and expertly fields marketing-related questions from local businesses and channel partners. The support team members work in tandem with the client service team and are well-versed on each clients’ individual marketing programs and solutions, meaning help is just one phone call away.

Make TCMA Implementation Easy With BrandMuscle

With our team of local marketing experts on your side, you can expect a smooth and efficient TCMA implementation. Contact us to learn more.

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