How a luxury auto brand improved spend efficiency with scalable ad solution

BrandMuscle provided a dynamic ad solution, saving a luxury car brand $616K annually and increasing web banner usage by 437%.
annual creative agency savings
< 15
minutes to customize and send brand-compliant dealer ads to production
increase in web banner use
Fortune 1000
Brand Management

Inadequate ad technology limited the luxury auto brand’s ability to create modern, customizable ads

A luxury automobile manufacturer had used the same ad builder resource for nearly two decades.

The problem: This technology had not evolved as fast as their product. They required a significantly more dynamic solution — one that streamlined ad creation across all models, offer types, media, and sizes.

They needed a platform with more automation, more customization, and more flexibility.


BrandMuscle provided a scalable, automated, and customizable ad solution

BrandMuscle checked all the boxes (and more). Scalability. Brand control. Speed to market. All were tremendous improvements compared to what the brand had been using since the early 2000s.

The results were threefold:

  1. Huge savings: $616K per year in creative agency costs
  2. More visibility: 437% increase in web banner use
  3. Faster production: < 15 minutes to customize and send brand-compliant dealer ads to production

The auto brand’s Senior Manager of Retail Marketing shared their satisfaction with BrandMuscle: “We’re reducing costs, saving time, and empowering dealers to get locally relevant messages out faster while protecting the brand. The BrandMuscle technology is so intuitive that it has become our dealers’ centralized campaign planning tool.”

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