Top beverage brand teams up with BrandMuscle to fulfill merch orders for dedicated fans

This popular beverage brand fulfilled thousands of merch orders across their vast partner network.
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Inefficiencies in managing the complexity of merchandise order fulfillment

Beverage brands are pouring more than just drinks, they’re cultivating brand loyalty through merchandise (aka “merch”). Consumers now wear their drink choices on their sleeves (and shirts and pants and hats and so on).

However, the fulfillment of these merch orders can be challenging for a beverage company.

This was the situation faced by a consumer goods division of a well-known beverage company. It needed a partner who could manage the complexity of fulfilling direct-to-consumer merch orders for various e-commerce channels… while providing an exceptional level of service.


Simplified billing, cost savings, and a more streamlined inventory management process

Through a partnership with BrandMuscle, the beverage brand streamlined its U.S. management and distribution of branded merchandise.

BrandMuscle helps fulfill customer orders purchased through the brand’s various e-commerce channels, including Amazon and Shopify, while providing both shipping confirmation and tracking details.

Thanks to our strategic fulfillment center in Chicago, we can offer 3-5 day shipping. When order volume surges during key promotional periods and busy seasonal pushes, BrandMuscle can easily handle rush orders.

Since working with BrandMuscle, this company has been able to simplify its billing, create a dedicated 1-800 customer support number, cut costs, and feel more confident in its inventory management controls and reporting accuracy.

This beverage brand — with the help of BrandMuscle — has been able to fulfill large orders of employee uniforms for a different division of the company.

Beverage Alcohol
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