Crunch Fitness gets into shape with BrandMuscle’s flexible, customizable, and scalable platform

With BrandMuscle, Crunch Fitness is able to create and distribute branded marketing materials to its franchisees quickly and easily while maintaining brand consistency.
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A lack of brand compliance + an inefficient process

Sending creative requests can be an arduous dance of endless emails to overburdened marketing managers.

“Prior to starting our partnership with BrandMuscle, a franchisee would send an email to one of our marketing managers for literally every creative request we had, and that was the way we managed the process,” said Chad, EVP of Marketing and Branding at Crunch Fitness, a brand with 400+ franchised and corporate-owned fitness clubs across the world.

Complex. Time-consuming. Not efficient. Not scalable.

Chad and team knew something had to change.

An official RFP was sent out into the world, but one company stood “head and shoulders” above the others.

Any guesses?

“BrandMuscle’s ability to create a platform that was flexible, customizable, and scalable,” shared Chad, was essential as Crunch Fitness was looking to grow its business. “They were the clear winner in our search.”

Besides the search for a better process, Crunch Fitness was also looking for a partner who could help with brand compliance. Before BrandMuscle, franchisees would “hire their local designer and develop their own creative assets,” which led to inconsistent branding and compliance risk for the business.


End-to-end visibility to support long-term growth

With BrandMuscle, Crunch Fitness corporate “controls the entire process.” And what excites Chad even more is how they can see what materials franchisees are using — which are the most (and least) popular.

True end-to-end visibility into its marketing materials with the ability to tailor programs to best meet the needs of its franchisees.

Crunch Fitness is on a dramatic growth trajectory and BrandMuscle will be there supporting them every step of the way.

Per Chad, the company has sold over 1,300 locations, with 415 operating today. And BrandMuscle will be there throughout this growth because the “platform is built for companies like ours,” said Chad.

Our local marketing platform is designed for large, growing companies like Crunch Fitness — fueling rapid expansion, navigating multiple units, and empowering an extensive network of franchisees. It’s an alliance that spells excitement and promise, setting the stage for many promising years ahead.


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