Global financial management firm optimizes print and order fulfillment operations

An overly complex print and fulfillment process was causing massive inefficiencies for a global financial management firm. Then BrandMuscle created a multi-step process to review print asset quality, ensuring a more efficient and accurate process.
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An overly complex print and fulfillment process was causing massive inefficiencies

Simple and efficient.

Those two words come to mind when running any business program.

Complicated = wasted time

Inefficient = wasted money

But unfortunately, complicated and inefficient were the exact adjectives that described how one firm managed their print and fulfillment of collateral materials.

This leading global financial management firm runs a dynamic kitting system as part of their core offerings. This specialized warehouse management system assembles kits on-demand — personalized thank you cards paired with branded gifts wrapped in hand-packed boxes sent directly to clients on behalf of banks’ branch managers.

The firm has racked up $1 trillion in assets, with operations in 50+ countries.

Dynamic kitting is more complex than “pick and pack.” The multistep print and fulfillment process is time-consuming, highly customized, and subject to errors. Ordering kits through the firm’s existing system was inefficient, so they wanted to consolidate and optimize their lending group’s print and fulfillment operations while securing improved dedicated support and better pricing.

Plus: the finance industry is highly regulated, so security and attention to detail are essential. This firm needed a partner who offered:

  • Strong print capabilities
  • Experience managing home finance-related print collateral
  • Secure web-enabled solutions for online ordering and design

An efficient model and processes for print and fulfillment

BrandMuscle developed a plan to relocate the lending group’s inventory from their existing warehouse to our Chicago fulfillment center in time for the busy home lending season.

This shift resulted in:

Fulfilling thousands of orders monthly

Shipping all orders within 3 business days, five days a week — often one hundred orders daily.

An impressive 99.7% error-free average

Rather than picking SKUs from a box on a shelf, dynamic kitting enabled the firm to print personalized cards for each recipient and then combine that card with promotional items on behalf of the branch manager.

The new multi-step process of reviewing print asset quality helps ensure orders are accurate (99.7% error-free average!) before they leaving the warehouse.

Bonus: We also simplified their billing structure and provided major savings.

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