Global financial services firm unifies 15,000+ local branches with single marketing hub

See how a global financial services firm with 15,000+ branches transformed their local marketing efforts with a single marketing hub with BrandMuscle.
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Thousands of local partners can’t find on-brand marketing materials

Imagine being in a highly regulated industry (financial services) with 15,000+ branch offices.

Your local partners want to market but often struggle to locate the on-brand and compliant assets they need to drive results.

That was the case for a global financial firm… before being introduced to BrandMuscle.

This household name was struggling with:

  • A centralized location where branch teams could find marketing resources
  • Ensuring only compliant campaigns make it out the door
  • Educating local partners on how to activate hyper-localized marketing

The local branch attempted a variety of trial-and-error approaches with minimal to no measurable results … AND wasted valuable time searching internal Intranet folders and files for any semblance of marketing guidance.

Marketing inefficiency = dollars and time wasted.

Even worse, branches often went rogue and created their own marketing materials — diminishing brand consistency and putting the business at serious risk.

Enter BrandMuscle.


A dedicated channel proven to drive results

Since leveraging the BrandMuscle, this financial services firm has a single marketing hub — a single source of truth — for all corporate content.

Within 9 months of rolling out BrandMuscle, 71% of branches adopted the solution, and partners customized, packaged, and delivered more than 30,000 marketing materials to their local markets.

This content:

  • Empowers branch teams with the necessary tools to attract ideal clients and serve market segments efficiently
  • Serves as a practical marketing resource — what marketing tactics work (and why) and methods to activate personalized marketing

Thanks to BrandMuscle, the firm can fully leverage and scale proven marketing capabilities while bringing greater visibility and optimization to marketing spend and performance.

This one-stop-shop for all brand assets now serves as the epicenter for branch-driven client attraction efforts… in a highly regulated industry. No small task.

Now, the financial firm can focus on strategy and big-picture projects and not worry about rogue local marketing campaigns compromising the brand.

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