How Four Roses Bourbon reduced costs by 36% with BrandMuscle’s Consolidator

Four Roses Bourbon managed their POS with Excel spreadsheets. Since leveraging BrandMuscle’s Consolidator, the team has been using one system, saved $91k, and reduced unit costs by 36%.
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An inefficient process to manage huge volumes of complex campaigns

Four Roses Bourbon, founded in Kentucky over 135 years ago, is one of the leading bourbon distilleries in the United States.

However, the Four Roses team still managed point-of-sale (POS) orders with Excel spreadsheets for all campaigns. Although the volume and complexity of their print POS items were increasing as distributors were added, they used a system that required heavy email usage, tasked too many resources with oversight, and generated excess print orders.

Wasted time. Too much human capital. Excess output.

Ellen Redmon, a marketing specialist at Four Roses, managed POS for all sales and marketing across the company. When reps ordered new items, Ellen gathered each order’s details and shipping addresses and submitted that information to print.

However, Excel reports did not show Four Roses where their print jobs sat within the production cycle. On top of that, Excel spreadsheets:

  • Were difficult to circulate
  • Lacked detailed tracking information
  • Did not allow for bulk ordering (to reduce costs)

Four Roses needed help to effectively keep up with its rapid growth.


A single source of truth helped save time, reduce costs, and keep all accountable

Together with Four Roses, BrandMuscle streamlined their POS systems by consolidating them into one centralized, organized platform.

BrandMuscle’s Consolidator — our solution that empowers brands to easily manage bulk print orders for distribution across multiple partners — was the answer.

BrandMuscle was able to help Four Roses save time, track accountability, monitor spend, and reduce costs and waste.

The financial results were significant and measurable:

  • $91,000+ in cost savings
  • 36% reduction in unit cost


With Consolidator, sales reps log into their existing BrandMuscle account to place orders directly in the system rather than having to log in to multiple systems or manage spreadsheets. This means Four Bourbon can:

  • Automatically format files in a production-friendly way — ready to go to print
  • Enable users to pre-populate forms with order details
  • Support on- and off-premise orders in one shot

This consolidation means independent teams can print and deliver pieces more precisely within a particular timeframe, improving speed to market and lowering unit costs.

Finally, Consolidator also provides transparency into production, tracking, and a complete historical record of past orders. This lookback helped Four Roses better understand who they printed for, where the POS items went, and how many of each particular item they ordered.

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