Telecom company leverages BrandMuscle to increase social post engagement by 4500%

With the help of BrandMuscle, this telecommunications company built deeper connections with their communities through social media.
increase in average social post engagement
increase in average social post reach
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Agents were having a hard time using social media to build community relationships

Social media is easy.

If you have …

And a cutting-edge strategy.

Agents at a large telecommunications provider were struggling to effectively leverage social media at the local level due to a lack of all of the above.

Agents’ social posts were falling flat — seeing minimal engagement and limited reach. Even worse, they were not fulfilling the ultimate goal of using social media to help build relationships with their local communities.


As a result of working with BrandMuscle, this customer saw huge upticks in social media engagement: 4500% increase in average engagement + 512% increase in average reach

BrandMuscle stepped in to analyze the organization’s social media presence and provide solutions.

One of the first action items was introducing employee spotlight posts — one that highlights a specific person (employee or customer), group, event, or product.

Since these campaigns are hyper-local, the post is focused on the local store and the surrounding community.

The goal of these posts is to:

  • Recognize and appreciate employees, customers, or other stakeholders.
  • Promote upcoming events or initiatives.
  • Share inspiring stories, news, or accomplishments.
  • Showcase company culture or values.

The end goal: build relationships with local communities so they will be top-of-mind and the trusted telecommunications company in the area.

The BrandMuscle team rolled out question templates for each type of employee spotlight post.

These templates were then used to connect with participating agents to glean the necessary information for each social post. BrandMuscle handled writing and scheduling all social media posts on behalf of the agents.

The results — when compared to “non-spotlight” social posts — were quite compelling:

  • 4500% increase in average engagement
  • 512% increase in average reach

Agents saw an immediate and dramatic increase in the performance of social media posts that spotlight local people and products. Clicks, likes, shares, comments, retweets, and favorites grew across the board, and agents were able to build deeper connections with their communities.

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