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BrandMuscle’s DAM Difference

Differentiating between marketing technologies has become increasingly difficult. The proliferation of tools, platforms, portals and software can be overwhelming for both corporate marketers and local business partners.

It’s a DAM problem, if you ask us.

BrandMuscle’s role on the front lines of marketing has shown us that further education is still needed to define the difference between systems that act as virtual libraries and dynamic systems that allow asset customization as a working solution.

Solutions like Adobe Experience Manager, a DAM giant and industry breadwinner, can be either too much for brands or (surprisingly) not enough. To get the best of both worlds, brands need a central location where they can house their hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of assets and a platform where their extensive network of local business partners can create and customize local marketing materials. The BrandMuscle platform allows a range of capabilities outside of asset management, including campaign planning, fund management, licensing, measurement and integration with third-party fulfillment centers like printers, media buyers, social networks, and more.

We typically see two recurring problems that global and national brands face when looking for a DAM platform: the need for consolidation and the desire for end-user adoption.

Two DAM Problems

DAM Overload

Compared to twenty years ago when digital marketing assets resided on a loose collection of hard drives and digital storage devices, cloud-based storage systems provide a distinct advantage, especially for national and global marketing teams who aren’t always operating out of the same office. Two decades later, though, there are vast improvements to digital catalogs of your marketing assets. However, solutions like Google Drive and Drop Box, though a quick fix, are messy and overwhelming, and can end up being a black hole of outdated and inconsistent assets.

One of the best ways to keep local business partners focused is to provide assets that meet their specific needs – whether that means marketing for a specific product, to a specific vertical, or in a specific geographic area. Creating and cataloging static assets for an entire product line sold across a wide geographic area quickly becomes cumbersome, and updating those assets over time can be virtually impossible. Offering customizable assets allows national marketers to maintain brand consistency while relating directly to local audiences.

The BrandMuscle Difference:

Our platform is built on a Digital Asset Management system designed specifically for distributed marketing. BrandMuscle’s DAM enables corporate teams to work more efficiently and simplifies distribution of marketing content from corporate to local. It provides easy access to digital assets that can be downloaded or utilized in customizable templates at a fraction of the cost and time to create new materials. Whether images, logos, illustrations, documents, graphic design files, copy, planning files, or other marketing resources, our DAM lets you put your marketing assets to work.

Already have a DAM? No need to recreate the wheel, BrandMuscle can work with your existing partner to push assets to our platform for easy access along with customizable marketing materials.

DAM Adoption

Like any new platform or solution, low usage and adoption rates can not only feel like a massive waste of money, but a failed attempt to consolidate and fix the problem at hand. Because the quality of the library depends on active users, adoption problems have a snowball effect and can render significant DAM investments virtually useless. The essence of providing local business partners a useful system is to deliver an easy-to-use system that includes assets essential to their business.

BrandMuscle Simplifies DAM:

Our platform is unique in that we marry two separate platforms (digital asset management and marketing asset management) to create a powerful central location for brands’ local business partners to access all marketing materials.

Adoption rate will increase since a consolidated platform makes it easy for local business partners to execute their marketing in a one-stop shop location. Combined, these two solutions create a single source of truth for all corporately branded materials. This means updating your assets from a single location can propagate across the entire corporation and all campaigns.

Why BrandMuscle?
Effective marketing on the local level requires a combination of technology and service designed for both national and local marketers alike. The BrandMuscle team will work closely with you to understand your goals for digital asset dissemination, how they should be best organized for your users to easily access and find the assets they need when they need them, and ensure proper meta-tagging to deliver the detailed analytics you need to measure ROI.