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Intern Insights: Is BrandMuscle a Marketing Agency?

Contributing Author: Johnathan Risner, Marketing Intern, Class of 2019

Often when someone hears the name BrandMuscle they begin to imagine billboard ads, flyers for corporate events and direct mail about local franchisee deals.

Lumping all organizations that provide advertisement and marketing programs together is easy. It can be difficult for someone outside of the company to develop a thorough grasp of what exactly BrandMuscle is, and more importantly, what we do. To say that Brandmuscle is simply a "marketing" or "ad agency" would be to pigeonhole a vast organization with over 1,000 customer-focused employees who specialize in everything from technology engineering to UX/UI, digital, SEO/SEM, social, and location data management. This team spans across the US, India and beyond! Pigenholing BrandMuscle isnto a single category would be a huge mistake.

What BrandMuscle does

BrandMuscle is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and local marketing services company. We help businesses plan and execute their local marketing campaigns, following practices informed by in-depth research. One of our more well-known thought-leadership projects is the yearly State of Local Marketing Report, which fuses local partner insights with well-established research, to determine current trends and make fact-based recommendations that help our clients get the most ROI from their marketing budget.

We also utilize SEO, media trends, business listings and market maturity to increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. While we provide many marketing services, it is often in conjunction with our software platform that best suits the client’s local marketing needs. We continually develop new enhancements and capabilities on this platform, based on what we have learned from our clients and industry analysts, such as Forrester's through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) research. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and relevant marketing programs and best practices recommendations.

Who we work with

Our services range significantly, from working with Fortune 500 companies looking to break into new markets across the United States, to local chains focused on staying relevant in a world that is now more hyper-local and connected than ever. Our platform provides quick and effective channels for channel partners to create relevant, personalized messaging for their target markets, while staying on-brand.

BrandMuscle understands the frustrations that local partners have when corporate attempts (and often fails) to provide a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign that lacks a grasp on the uniqueness of local customer needs. We fill this gap by communicating value obtainable through partnerships and client opportunities; saving time, money and resources.

We are customer-focused and service-driven

“What I admire, respect and love about the BrandMuscle team is that everything is done with passion and heart. That type of consistent attitude amongst a company’s employees only comes when that’s the tone of the company.”– Marketing manager, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

Our culture is centered around partner and customer needs. Client satisfaction with our services is of the utmost priority to our company business model. With client services representatives, engineers, marketers and sales personnel all working together, BrandMuscle strives to be an industry leader in both TCMA software development and marketing strategy across the world. We are innovative leaders on the forefront of client service; increasing user engagement with our partner platforms by 260% and increasing engagement with new consumers by 65%.