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Luxury Alcohol Supplier Print Success Story

International Luxury Alcoholic Beverage Supplier Saves Money and Time by Consolidating Print


Operating for over two hundred years, this international alcoholic beverage supplier has many popular luxury brands in their portfolio. The supplier spends great time and money creating attractive point of sale marketing materials, or POS, for their champagne, wine, and cognac brands. Unfortunately, the supplier noticed that their U.S. distributor partners were not printing their focused items in the quantities and frequency they expected. In the beverage-alcohol industry’s three-tier model, suppliers create the imagery and content to tell their brands’ stories, and distributors have the relationships with the accounts, from liquor stores to bars, that get those stories and products to customers. This supplier wanted a greater return on their marketing investment. They came to BrandMuscle to execute a revised approach: printing on behalf of their distributors.


Rather than having individual sales reps within the distributors place their print orders as stand-alone pieces, BrandMuscle consolidated print orders and shipped them in bulk on behalf of the client’s distributors at a discounted rate. By running their POS material as a consolidator model, used for long-run printing.


BrandMuscle saved the client $1.7 million in the first two quarters, and increased material adoption, and speed-to-market. Soon we expanded this program to 14 brands, ranging from wine to whisky. We printed 572,698 pieces of product, including posters, shelf talkers, case cards, and bottle neckers, and the flexible program allows brands to have assets in market for everything from announcing new partnerships to how customers can discover the perfect bubbly gift.


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