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BrandMuscle’s New Events Solution Features 8,000 Hyperlocal Community Events to Connect with New Customers

Building a Local Business Under a Brand Means Building Relationships Within the Community

A face-to-face interaction at a carefully chosen event promotes local connections and enables local partners to drive leads and sales. However, up until now this was a real challenge for local businesses. There are many sources for this data, but none of them were curated for the local marketer, and none were built off of 20 years of local marketing experience. The ability to have these hyperlocal events in one spot, ready to connect businesses to their community, will accelerate growth and allow local business owners to focus on engaging with customers.

The proof is in the data. For five years running, BrandMuscle's State of Local Marketing report has found that agents, dealers, retailers, and other local channel partners, rank community events as one of the most effective at driving measurable ROI, and our partners report it a top 3 priority for 2019.

Events Offer an Unmatched Opportunity for One-On-One Face Time

Our data suggests a massive opportunity for our local channel partners to connect with the community and grow their business with events. And the demand is great, as well. Under an informal events program, BrandMuscle has executed nearly 50,000 events for partners since 2011.

Participation in local events, while effective, is challenging for corporate brands to execute at scale and for local partners to prepare for. Partners often have difficulty identifying which events they should attend and lack understanding of how to promote their participation prior to the event and follow up with leads after the show.

With the effort needed to make events successful, local partners don't have time to send a team to a low performing or unqualified event. BrandMuscle offers a new, curated solution to help partners qualify the events they attend and discover new local events in their area.

BrandMuscle's Local Events Solution is Flexible and Easy to Use:

  • Eliminate time wasted on local event research and money spent on event databases that fail to deliver accurate hyperlocal event information with a curated database of over 8,000 hyperlocal events.
  • Find the right events quickly with intuitive search, keywords, and category filters. Top performing categories include Home & Garden Shows, State & County Fairs, and Sporting/Health.
  • Discover personalized, algorithm-suggested events based on search behavior and location.
  • Follow trends and channel partners’ interests in events with in-app user analytics.
  • With Turnkey Local event Marketing Services, BrandMuscle Can:

  • Negotiate and reserve optimal exhibit locations on behalf of local partners.
  • Develop brand-compliant collateral, event kits, and supporting materials.
  • Order displays, banners, table cloths, promotional items, furniture and fixtures.
  • Assist with the development and execution of integrated event marketing campaigns, pre-event, day-of, and post-event lead follow up.
  • Provide ROI tracking and reporting on leads generated and sales closed.
  • Ready to learn more about BrandMuscle's local events solution? Contact us for a demo.