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Telecommunications Social Media Success Story

Telecommunications Company Utilizes Social Spotlight Posts To Increase Consumer Engagement and Reach


Agents for the telecommunications provider were struggling to effectively leverage social media at the local level due to a lack of time and expertise. Agents’ social posts had limited engagement and reach, and were not helping to build relationships with their local communities.


BrandMuscle Social introduced the concept of spotlight posts, which highlight employees, customers, and product features focused on the local store and surrounding community. Our team created one-page question templates for each of the three types of spotlights. Then, they reached out to participating agents and asked them to reply to the questions on a monthly basis. After receiving basic information on who or what the spotlight posts would focus on, our team wrote and scheduled social media posts on behalf of the agents.

Agents saw an immediate and dramatic increase in the performance of the social media posts that spotlight local people and products. Clicks, likes, shares, comments, retweets, and favorites grew across the board, and agents were able to build deeper connections with their communities.



higher average engagement per post than non-spotlight social posts

higher average reach per post than non-spotlight social posts

higher average engagement rate by reach than non-spotlight social posts

participating local agents