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Think Before You Post: 5 Questions Businesses Should Ask Before Clicking Share

Local marketing managers often juggle multiple responsibilities at once. It can be tempting to jot down a spontaneous message and hastily press “share” just to check social media posting off the day’s to-do list. But taking the time to slow down and think before you post can prevent a social media crisis from brewing on your Facebook page. In fact, 76% of crises could have been prevented or diminished with proper social media readiness.

Thinking before you post will also help you build a consistent brand image online and foster trusted relationships with your audience. To get the most value out of your business’s social media strategy, ask yourself these five questions before clicking “share.”

1. Will this post help my audience build trust in the brand?

The central mission of social media marketing is to create awareness and build trust in your brand. To make sure every post reflects that mission, evaluate whether it’s authentic, truthful, and if it provides value to your audience.

2. Is this post sensitive to the current moment?

Consider the context of your post. Think about the tone of our times and what’s going on in the world or in your community, then ask yourself whether your post is sensitive to the current moment. Avoid co-opting trending hashtags or movements unless your business is deeply committed to the cause in the long-term.

3. Would it be OK if a news outlet quoted the post in an article?

Anything that you post on social media is fair game for the press to quote. What you say as a joke on social media one day could end up as a front-page headline the next day. If you wouldn’t want to see it republished on a news source, don’t publish the post on social media.

4. Does this post inspire action?

Inspiring action is a key goal of local social media marketing. Sometimes, that action may be visiting your website. Other times, it may be less directly related to driving sales. For example, an appliance retailer might publish a post about a beautiful kitchen that could inspire members of their audience to dream about remodeling their own kitchens to better suit their lifestyles. Determine what action your post is trying to inspire before posting on social media.

5. Are there any errors?

Reviewing your social media posts for errors and typos is a necessary but often neglected step. Your social media presence is an extension of your brand, so it should demonstrate the same level of professionalism that a customer would expect during a meeting or transaction. Before pressing “share,” take the time to review your post for grammar, clarity, and accuracy. When in doubt, ask a trusted friend or colleague to review before you post.

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