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Are Custom Creative Requests Wrecking Your Strategy?

Your creative and design teams are buried in new custom creative requests on a daily basis. Your local entities are requesting items ranging from print ads to emails to radio and TV spots to web banners, and it is impossible to keep up with it all.

You need your teams working to implement your next great growth initiative, so those local requests go into an already bursting queue to be addressed days, weeks, or even months later. Meanwhile, your local entity has decided to go about it on their own, utilizing Microsoft Word to quickly create a flyer or banner and print through the in-office black & white printer or, if we are lucky in this scenario, the FedEx down the street.

Your current initiative is now diluted, if not depreciated, in the marketplace.
Sound familiar? That’s because it takes a village to support a small business, but most organizations unfortunately don’t have the resources to think twice about staffing a small office, let alone a budding metropolis. This is where BrandMuscle comes in.

The BrandMuscle Marketing Platform enables streamlined execution with brand equity protection built in to alleviate the custom creative requests from our clients while ensuring their users utilize brand-approved materials 100% of the time.

The power of templates

Our Graphic Operations team complemented with our Adobe InDesign-based BrandMuscle Marketing Platform takes your already existing creative files and enhances them into easily customizable templates. Our proprietary sophisticated and database-driven rules ensure every template has brand, legal, and pricing standards maintained while giving your local users the flexibility they need to customize materials to ensure the right product, offer, and visuals are delivered via the right media channel, effectively reaching the individual at the right moment with the right message.

Utilizing templates allow for quick and easy updates. Corporate marketing doesn’t need to create a new template each time a headline or image is updated. This allows for greater speed-to-market and more time for strategic planning.

We recognize that templates won’t always meet the needs of the local entity. Sometimes they fall into a gray area where you will allow them to slightly alter the creative, or they need larger than life tactics for unique situations. For many of our clients, we provide designers in their offices to help with the overflow and custom needs. Our employees understand your brand guidelines inside and out so you can rest assured these requests too are always brand compliant.

Are you ready to delegate your brand management with confidence? Contact us today to learn more about the BrandMuscle Marketing Platform.