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Understanding the “Why” Behind Integrated Marketing as an Alcohol or Beverage Brand

Large alcohol and beverage suppliers have mastered the art of advertising and driving brand awareness at the national level. From the “Most Interesting Man in the World” to “Like a Captain," suppliers leverage traditional and digital media to target large audiences to drive high-level brand awareness.

Where alcohol suppliers really struggle to drive awareness and product engagement is at the hyper-local level – whether in a retail location, restaurant, or bar. The struggle to drive awareness and engagement locally is due in large part to the multi-tiered, complex distribution model and strict legal regulations placed on beverage/alcohol marketing. Figuring out how suppliers, distributors, and retailers work together to ensure your brand stays top of mind requires an integrated marketing plan. An integrated marketing plan creates a seamless experience for consumers throughout the customer journey and ensures brand awareness at every step.

A properly executed integrated marketing plan will reach audiences faster and more efficiently, creating multiple touchpoints to interact with your brand locally. To generate demand for new products, suppliers need to shake it up by leveraging a mix of physical and digital tactics.

Physical Marketing Executions

Although in recent years there has been a significant shift from traditional marketing to digital media, print is still a very effective tool today. The myth that print is dying is false. Studies show print marketing engages the senses and provides a tangible way to build credibility and interact with a brand. Point-of-Sale advertising displays, like counter wraps and window clings, can be installed for long periods of time at retailers, keeping brands top of mind during their store visit and purchase consideration, helping to influence that last leg of the consumer journey.

For alcohol and beverage brands, print materials have always been key marketing tools. However, they can no longer be the ONLY tools. Marketing strategies must evolve to integrate both print and digital medias to create a “surround sound” effect for the brand.

Digital Marketing Executions

Digital marketing encompasses many different channels and marketing tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, paid search, display marketing, and programmatic traditional advertising. Digital marketing allows brands to segment and target the right audience with the right message at the right time while also being cost-effective, fast, and measurable.

Advertising can be targeted to specific consumers based on demographics, geographic location, user interests, and more. Additionally, BrandMuscle is able to age gate communications and advertising to restrict access to certain content so that only consumers who are over the legal age can view content ensuring brands and initiatives are compliant.

Analytics from these channels provide brands with valuable local data that gives them the ability to develop an in-depth understanding of their customers' behaviors in ways that print advertising cannot. Over time, this allows those brands to adjust their local strategies accordingly to deliver optimal results.

Digital marketing channels give brands the ability to reach customers hyper-locally in new ways. Combining these channels with physical marketing can give brands a holistic marketing approach that reaches customers throughout the shopping journey.

BrandMuscle is the leader in Through-Channel Marketing Automation

Learning to branch out and execute multiple, integrated tactics will allow your brand to reach a larger audience through multiple touchpoints. The right mix of physical and digital marketing executions will help your brand stand out from the seemingly endless number of competitors.

Having a partner that offers cutting-edge printing technology, cuts lead times for print-on-demand (POD) materials, and having a partner with an in-depth understanding and experience with local digital marketing will ensure your brand’s strategies are effective, compliant, and streamlined.

BrandMuscle’s powerful TCMA Platform provides suppliers with a way to reach distributors, retailers, and even consumers with messaging across a variety of physical and digital channels.