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Which Social Media Should I Use For My Local Business?


As more and more local partners recognize social media's ability to reach and engage with prospects, increasing numbers of partners are using social advertising to drive opportunities for their business. Community engagement has increased since last year, and the number of partners who have no social media presence has fallen to just 17%.

Over 90 million local businesses currently leverage Facebook for marketing their products and services to their communities. But beyond Facebook’s 2.7 billion user frontier, there are other social media sites that can further boost marketing ROI, increase brand awareness, and drive foot traffic to your storefront. Think of social media as both a search engine and a networking tool. The more platforms that you’re active on, the greater chance your brand has of being discovered by users and converting them to customers.

Wondering which social media you should use for your local business? Use this quiz as a starting point.



    Pinterest is primarily known as a social network for discovering recipes, home ideas, and lifestyle inspiration, but it can help almost any brand find helpful visuals to post. Don’t overlook it as frivolous or just for women. Pinterest has the highest revenue per click of any other social sharing network and it cuts across gender. Even a B2B company can share data visualizations, covers of eBooks and whitepapers, and other business focused content with Pinterest’s more than 320 million active users.


    With over 500 million active users, Instagram offers a huge amount of potential reach for sharing visual content. The medium is inherently engaging because it’s all pictures and video. However, external links are only allowed in your bio, so it’s not the best social media site for driving traffic to your website. Instead, content is meant to live on the platform and help build awareness and to form a community for your brand.


    Of all the social platforms for marketing your business, getting started on YouTube may be the most intimidating. Your videos don’t have to be tightly scripted or professionally produced to be effective, though. Utilizing it can be as simple as an employee recording themselves through their computer webcam while answering common questions about your product or service. YouTube has evolved to be more than just silly videos — it’s actually the internet’s second largest search engine after Google — and any brand can post helpful content that’s easy for users to discover, consume, and share.


    LinkedIn is particularly fertile ground for B2B brands looking to establish themselves as trusted industry leaders and to nurture leads. Users log on to expand their business knowledge and make mutually beneficial connections. Tapping into LinkedIn's over 260 million monthly active users is a great choice for brands looking to share long-form editorial content and company updates with professionals over 35 who are at the decision-making level.


    Twitter is the social media hotspot for immediately sharing breaking news and quick takeaways. While many social platforms have been primed for sharing visual content, concise text-based content is still the focus here. Most of Twitter’s 145 million active users are under 50 and are seeking easily digestible information that helps keep them abreast of what’s happening in the world or their community.


    Marketing your business on Snapchat offers an opportunity to grab your audience’s attention every day in a way that’s fresh, engaging, and bound to keep your offerings top-of-mind. You can post snippets of live events, offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business, and share information about promotions, and new products or inventory. Since Snapchat doesn’t allow you to create a feed — only temporary stories that disappear after 24 hours — it’s important to post new stories daily so people can access your content. This social media channel is most widely consumed by users under 24, but it still pulls in 47% of 25-30 year olds and 25% of 30-49 year olds. More than 238 million active users log on to Snapchat daily.

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