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Brand Management

​​Enable local channel partners to personalize and execute brand- and legal-compliant marketing campaigns through our software platform. Speed-to-market, coupled with your proven brand messaging and tactics, result in increased sales and ROI at the local level.

Dynamic, data-driven brand management templates

Our brand management software provides ultra-flexible physical and digital templates for channel partners to leverage when creating local marketing content. Any HTML, Adobe InDesign, video, or other creative files can become an ad builder template, allowing partner businesses to execute corporate-approved campaigns at the local level.

Data-driven templates reduce the need for local content maintenance by up to 25%, ensuring consistent and efficient brand management.

Our expert graphics services team will help to develop your content architecture and guide brand compliance.

A single through-channel marketing automation solution

With a through-channel marketing automation solution, called a TCMA, channel funds can be accessed seamlessly when making marketing purchases. Activities are either automatically claimed or billed back.

Vendor integration reduces the need for multiple platforms, keeping your marketing ecosystem easy to manage.

Scale your local programs across the local marketing lifecycle, from strategy to execution, with a single, one-stop TCMA solution.

Custom creative services to manage your brand

Our highly qualified, classically trained Creative Services team is dedicated to producing world-class marketing assets that will help local marketers uphold corporate brand management standards.

Collaborative workflows welcome your feedback throughout the brand asset development process.

Only 38% of our State of Local Marketing survey participants felt that their program content was consistently good, and 32% felt that their content was locally relevant. Our brand management software helps you create flexible, personalized content that delivers a consistent brand message.

Brand management services and TCMA best practices

Our experienced Client Service team provides a consultative approach, enabling the development of more effective marketing campaigns.

Within a holistic strategy, TCMA expertise drives the success of your comprehensive local marketing program.

We engage on a 1:1 level with your local partners​ to make sure they can efficiently create and execute marketing campaigns that are both brand and legal compliant.

Who Can Benefit?

Local Marketing Manager
Solve marketing challenges for your local partner network. Make marketing materials available to local partners to boost local participation, brand compliance, satisfaction, and ROI.
Trade Marketing VP
Create scalable marketing campaigns within budget while maintaining a consistent brand message across channel partners.

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