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Local Marketing Execution

For your brand to reach customers at local touchpoints, local channel partners must be empowered to effectively distribute your brand’s message across different channels. But many partners reported needing more guidance and help with local marketing execution than their current channel marketing program provides.


of partners feel their program is limited or lacks key marketing tactics

of partners are looking for marketing recommendations

of partners indicated a need to focus on dedicated program support

Whether your partners are sharing assets across social media, representing your brand’s voice through online review sites, or creating billboards with your logo on it, our marketing execution solutions will give them the education, training, support, and tools needed to accurately and easily market your brand and drive revenue.

Local marketing concierge services

It can be challenging for local partners to understand which marketing tactics to use and what tools are available to them through their local channel marketing program. Leverage our Local Marketing Concierge Services to give partners the recommendations, education, and support they need to successfully execute local marketing campaigns.

Partners can schedule 1:1 meetings with local marketing consultants for personalized guidance on the best tactics, assets, and messaging to drive ROI.

Do-it-for-me packages

At the end of the day, most partners don’t have time to spend on marketing. Eliminate barriers to participation in your channel marketing program and help get marketing funds in market by providing do-it-for-me packages that partners can easily opt in to.

Partners can choose from a range of traditional and digital media tactics, from social media posting to local media buying, to be executed on their behalf, while seamlessly using their co-op or marketing funds to cover or supplement the cost. You can even integrate external vendor services into the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform so partners only need one login to access all their channel marketing and reporting needs.

Holistic local marketing

Our research shows that Marketing Mature partners realized 2x more revenue growth than their less mature peers. Therefore, every aspect of our platform is aimed at reducing friction, empowering partners to build their marketing knowledge, and demonstrating the value of participating in your channel marketing program so that they can become more confident marketers.

What does that look like? Our platform is intuitive and user-friendly so new marketers can easily access and customize all the brand-approved assets they need. We have automated tools, such as Smart Marketing Planner and Channel Partner Scorecard, that provide personalized guidance to partners who don’t know where to start. And finally, all of our solutions and services work together to help grow revenue through the channel.

Who Can Benefit?

Local Marketing
Create marketing programs that effectively use co-op dollars to develop programs that drive business value and measurable results.
Director Channel Marketing
Engage with local channel partners by creating scalable and integrated solutions across paid, earned, and owned media channels.

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