Get Precise: Refining Your Local Audience with Exclusion Targeting

BrandMuscle | January 24, 2018

One of the most important steps in creating an online campaign is identifying what your target audience looks like. Sometimes, we get so caught up in who are audience is that we forget who our audience isn’t. This vital tactic is known as exclusion targeting.

Precision marketing is all about eliminating wasteful spending. Because your local business partners are working with a shoestring budget (48% have less than $500 per month according to our 2018 State of Local Marketing Report), every dollar counts. By excluding some audiences online through exclusion targeting, you’ll reduce cost per action or cost per click, saving your budget for those customers who are more likely to convert.

The key to customizing your online audience, whether it’s through paid social or online display, is having a strategy behind who you want to exclude and why. Usually, you don’t want current customers seeing your ads, so you can start there. If you want to refine it even more, you’ll need to dive into some data. How many times does a customer need to see an ad before it’s too much? On average, how often does a customer see an ad in your industry before they convert? Questions like that combined with historical data will help you truly refine your lists to ultimately see better ad results and drive conversions.

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