How To Customize Marketing Templates

BrandMuscle | July 13, 2021

Customizing marketing templates is easy with the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform. BrandMuscle templates are flexible enough to promote different products, services, and locations, all while staying within brand and legal guidelines.

In just a few simple steps, you can make national campaigns relevant at the local level.

  1. Login to the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform, then choose from a list of pre-approved, customizable campaigns and assets.
  2. Click “Build Materials.” The templates will automatically auto fill with your location-specific information.
  3. Make additional customizations and preview your work as you go.
  4. Click “Finish.” You’ll then have the choice of whether to download your ads, deploy digital and email campaigns, or send assets directly to a printer.

Customizing assets using BrandMuscle templates can take less than two minutes. Learn more about our Brand Management solutions

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