Increasing Co-op Utilization and Leads With Media Consultation Services

Elizabeth Vales | April 15, 2022

Successful small businesses require guidance about the marketing tactics at their disposal

Successful small businesses thrive when they have marketing support from corporate brands and are educated about local marketing. Unfortunately, small business owners wear many hats, from manager to recruiter to accountant. As local channel partners, they do not have enough time to teach themselves how to get the best ROI, what tactics are relevant to their customers or prospects, or what will drive the most sales in their area.

According to The State of Local Marketing Report 2021-2022, 51% of local marketers are less than confident in their marketing choices, and 83% want to learn more. They want a better understanding of the best way to use their co-op and MDF funds, based on approved options and available services. But one in four partners don’t even know what types of marketing support are provided to them through their local marketing program.

One-on-one local marketing consultation services can make this easier. Channel partners have an opportunity to learn all about the local marketing resources they have available and how to take advantage of these offers.

What Are Media Consultation Services?

Media consultation services are formal opportunities for performance marketing experts to provide local partners specific recommendations built around their unique goals and market, including everything from creating custom media campaigns to helping them learn the basics of social media—even knowing which social media tools are available to them.

How Media Consultation Services Work

Partners lay out any key goals they have for the meeting, and our marketing consultation experts gather information about partners’ needs, assessing current marketing funds and program participation.

During the 30-minute call, our team actively listens, asking questions to facilitate learning of these pre-approved programs, explaining various marketing tactics, and what to expect from these programs. If there are any action items that can be accomplished during the call, such as opting into a marketing program, the consultant will walk them through the process.

Following the call, our team reviews the information gathered and puts together the best recommendation based on many factors, including the channel partner’s goals, budget, and target market. The partner then receives a summary of the discussion, recommended next steps, and supplemental information to start an integrated media plan, or to opt into existing turnkey programs.

The Results

Media consultation services produce measurable results. Channel partners who participate in at least one marketing consultation session have an average increase of 23% in co-op fund usage and an average 15% increase in new leads.

Our team’s Net Promoter Score, or NPS, averages at 85, which is world class.

Current clients who have utilized our consultation appointments have great things to say about our services:

•“[The consultant] was absolutely amazing. It does not get any better than her. She was energetic, knowledgeable with her insight in assisting me with my marketing…And she exposed me to opportunities to take my agency to the next level!”

• “Loved the summary email that followed.”

• “There was nothing which could have been done to make the experience more positive in regard to the customer service experience with [the consultant]. She was exceptionally friendly, professional, and had answers.”

Consultation services offer a personal approach to marketing education, activation, and execution that technology alone cannot provide. When a channel partner understands more about the services that are available to them and how to take advantage of them, we see an increase in co-op spend and program execution, and an increase in leads. Finding and retaining new customers is what it’s all about.

Ready to Drive Local Revenue?

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