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Aaron Gilbreath | June 9, 2022

Learn what a local marketing platform is and how it can benefit your brand

The name “local marketing platform” may seem simple enough to define literally, but what does it really mean to use a platform to market locally?

What Is a Local Marketing Platform?

A local marketing platform provides small businesses the tools, proven media tactics, education, and support necessary to successfully generate leads, increase brand awareness, and move customers along the path to purchase. Known interchangeably as a “local marketing platform” and “local marketing automation platform,” these platforms help brands drive sales at local touchpoints by distributing their message across many markets while maintaining brand and legal compliance.

With a local marketing platform, brands can use location-based campaigns and tactics like organic social media, social media advertising, paid search, display ads, and more to reach customers when they’re actively searching for a local store near them. For example, this national cabinet maker used keywords to target online shoppers searching for a cabinet dealer within 30 miles of their location, all through a local marketing platform.

A local marketing platform may include fund management capabilities so local partners can easily access their co-op or corporate marketing funds. It also provides analytics and insights into the effectiveness of users’ marketing efforts. Brands and their local partners can capture lead data, website traffic, call tracking, and monitor customer activities to determine which aspects of the marketing strategy work best.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Local Marketing Platform?

The benefits of using a local marketing automation platform are numerous:

  • Automation saves time, resources, and money
  • Distribute your brand’s message in local markets
  • Generates more quality leads
  • Drives sales through local channels
  • Ensures local marketing materials are brand and legal compliant
  • Makes it easy for local partners to leverage different marketing tactics
  • Provides partners easy access to view and spend co-op or corporate marketing funds
  • Tracks leads and who to follow up with at different points in the sales cycle
  • Increases ROI by concentrating on specific target audiences precisely
  • Provides data and insights into marketing activities’ effectiveness
  • Keeps business listings accurate and up to date across the internet from a single platform
  • Accurate business listings improve search engine rankings and drive traffic
  • Reputation management to maintain a strong online presence, easily manage online reviews, and address negative reviews
  • Converts leads to loyal customers through automated email drip campaigns
  • Enables partners to scale digital and physical marketing execution

What Types of Businesses Use Local Marketing Platforms?

A diverse range of businesses across numerous industries use local marketing platforms to target local customers. Those include:

  • Beverage alcohol
  • Finance and insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Franchise organizations
  • Automotive
  • Restaurants and food service
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Consumer packaged goods

Solutions Within a Local Marketing Platform

A diverse range of businesses across numerous industries use local marketing platforms to target local customers. Those include:

Brand Management

Using a brand management solution within a local marketing platform enables partners to personalize and execute brand- and legal-compliant marketing campaigns. Increased speed-to-market, coupled with proven brand messaging and tactics, results in increased sales and ROI at the local level.

Fund Management

Brands can optimize their through-channel marketing strategy with flexible MDF and co-op programs for their partners. Customizable rules and integration with brand management and marketing execution increase effectiveness. Highly supported co-op programs increase revenue growth by 25%.

Marketing Execution

From billboards to paid social media advertising, marketing execution solutions give local partners the education, training, support, and tools needed to accurately and easily market your brand and drive revenue.

Markie, the Local Marketing Virtual Assistant

When partners lack the time and knowledge to participate in their local marketing program, Markie does it for them using AI, removing barriers to partner participation and guiding them toward the greatest revenue-driving tactics.


High-impact, quick-turnaround print services amplify the power of national brands at the local level. By printing on demand or in bulk, you can produce exactly what you need, when you need it, and that saves time and money.


Each solution within our local marketing platform includes channel marketing analytics across every tactic and campaign, measurable across geographic regions and store hierarchies.

Top Features for a Local Marketing Platform

Partners want guidance and support, but many feel their current local marketing platform lacks the support they need. Only 33% are satisfied with their overall program. Regularly auditing programs, reviewing feedback, and ensuring alignment with customer and channel goals will improve partner satisfaction and go a long way to getting funds into local market.

BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing Report 2021-2022 revealed these as the top features local partners want from their local marketing platform:

  • Matching funds
  • Providing marketing recommendations
  • Dedicated support
  • Marketing execution support
  • Social media support
  • Training, education, and best practices
  • Frequency of program updates
  • Online reputation support

Ready to Improve Your Local Marketing?

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