Tacony Corporation Thrives With BrandMuscle

BrandMuscle | November 1, 2022

Jeff Fuller, Vice President of Marketing at Tacony Corporation, highlights the BrandMuscle Intelligent Marketing Platform’s transformative impact on their co-op fund management, yielding remarkable business growth.


Tacony Trades Manual Processes for Seamless Automation

Tacony employed a co-op program to invigorate their dealership network’s brand presence and in-store traffic, previously resorting to labor-intensive methods like manual spreadsheets, emails, and phone correspondence for processing claims.

Collaborating with BrandMuscle, the transformation took shape — automation becoming the driving force. This not only simplified the process for end users and the network but also introduced an impressive level of ease.

“Now, we can turn to a single dashboard to understand where any given customer’s co-op program lies without updating anything at all,” said Fuller. “It’s automated, simple, and easy to use.”

Engaging Tacony’s Partner Network

In navigating the transition, Fuller faced the challenge of a more conventional consumer base cautious about stepping into the realm of new-age technologies, especially a novel online tool enabling creative customization. However, the BrandMuscle team’s hands-on approach proved instrumental.

“Because the team at BrandMuscle was patient and willing to sit down and help us develop customized training sessions, videos, and classes, we’ve been able to help the entire market join the tool and program and have a lot more success,” said Fuller.

Notably, the dealerships that embraced the BrandMuscle platform emerged as frontrunners, boasting an impressive 2:1 growth ratio compared to non-adopters.

Looking Forward to the Future

While the current partnership with BrandMuscle flourishes, Fuller’s excitement lies in the future— a vision that spans five years.

Presently, a mere 10% of channel marketers in Fuller’s industry embrace digital marketing, with a substantial 90% sticking to traditional methodologies. The transformative potential here is vast.

“By using the Brand Management tool, I plan to flip that around so that 90% of our marketing is done digitally and 10% is done traditionally, and BrandMuscle will help us accomplish that goal,” said Fuller.

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