Equipment Manufacturer TCMA Success Story - BrandMuscle

Equipment Manufacturer TCMA Success Story

Bobcat Simplifies and Consolidates Marketing with a Single TCMA Platform to Activate its Brand Locally


Bobcat had aggressive goals as it prepared to launch new messaging and introduce a major update to a product series for the first time in a decade. While the national marketing campaign required intricate brand management across many channels, the delivery had to be straightforward enough for busy independent dealerships to understand and execute at the local level. The marketing team needed a way to help dealers activate the brand at the local level to drive more sales and knew the solution had to be straightforward to gain adoption.


Bobcat launched the BrandMuscle platform in August 2019, which enabled the company to develop a simplified co-op fund management system, templates for marketing materials that local equipment dealers could customize, up-to-date location data across the web, scalable digital marketing programs, and more. Within six months, Bobcat had adapted its processes so every tactic could be executed and measured within one easy-to-use platform, and the new campaign was flourishing. When the pandemic struck, the campaign tools were flexible enough for Bobcat to reallocate marketing dollars and pivot its strategy to best serve the evolving needs of its customers and local partners.



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“We saw 118 leads in the first two days and 95% have been qualified buyers.

I think it’s absolutely an effective way to reach this audience and we would probably continue it on our own once the Bobcat program ends.”

Bobcat Dealer