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Local Marketing Concierge Services Success Story

Insurance Company Increases Co-op Utilization With Concierge Services


Local insurance agents at a leading insurance company were not participating in marketing programs available to them. Many agents did not understand what programs made sense for their business, the benefits, or even how to sign up. They wanted a better understanding of the best way to use their co-op funds, based on approved options and available services. The insurance company’s corporate marketing team increased co-op allowance to drive more dollars in the market and more leads for their business, but it wasn’t making an impact since agents weren’t sure what programs were available to them.


BrandMuscle implemented a concierge service, hosting 30-minute educational calls with individual agents, discussing all pre-approved marketing programs available. The concierge team assisted agents in determining what programs made the most sense for their local business, how to opt in and the next steps in their marketing journey. All agents participating in at least one call increased utilization of co-op funds by 23%.



more co-op utilized by participating agents

more co-op utilized per agent working by with BrandMuscle
“[The consultant] was absolutely amazing. It does not get any better than her. She was energetic, knowledgeable with her insight in assisting me with my marketing...And she exposed me to opportunities to take my agency to the next level!”

Agent, Insurance Company

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