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National Bank QR Code Success Story

National Bank Engages Potential Customers at Scale With QR Codes


The global pandemic shut down bank branches across the country and impacted banks’ in-person mortgage business. With approximately 4,700 U.S. branches, our client looked to their Home Lending services as a way to engage established customers differently and convert potential customers. The bank wanted marketing materials that directed potential mortgage customers to advisor information without requiring a Google search.


BrandMuscle’s Intelligent Local Marketing Platform offered the right solution. QR codes are a matrix barcode that contains product and brand information, read through your camera phone, and often point to a website. QR codes have experienced a resurgence during the pandemic as a safe, socially distant way for customers to get information quickly and efficiently.

During the last three months of 2020, BrandMuscle helped the bank add QR codes to over 25 Home Lending advisors’ marketing materials available within the BrandMuscle platform. The advisors printed over 1,000 pieces of collateral, including business cards, flyers, and advertisements. After this addition, customers scanned over 1,800 QR codes. Having a rapid, cost-effective way to provide potential customers a direct link to Home Lending Advisors helped increase the company’s mortgage business throughout a challenging time.


Quick customer adoption overcame any skepticism about QR codes’ effectiveness, and reinforced the value of fresh marketing approaches and revisiting proven tactics. The company saw enough business value that, as some of the banking industry’s business begins to improve, it continued to add QR codes to additional materials across the site.


Number of materials with the option for QR codes

MoM increase in QR code scans

QR code scans each month

Printed materials with QR codes

“BrandMuscle's solution allowed us to offer a seamless, digital entry point for customers looking to engage with a Home Lending Advisor.”

VP | Marketing Manger