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Virtual B2B Event – Integrated Media Campaign Success Story

Telecommunications Company Engages Clients Virtually


The pandemic forced many businesses to reformat in-person B2B events into virtual events. One successful, national telecommunications company, which sells internet, phone, and cable services to small businesses, had previously started its sales cycle at in-person events. The company had years of experience finding new clients at conferences and expos. Now that many B2B events are keeping their online setting after the pandemic, this telecommunications company needed a way to keep reaching clients virtually. They came to BrandMuscle to find methods to support virtual booths and sponsorship opportunities in innovative ways through multiple media disciplines.


Our team of media buyers researched and identified B2B-focused events that had the correct target audience for our client. We worked together to ensure that the event messaging, Facebook, and display creative aligned to target this particular audience, and had a consistent message that would increase customer engagement during our client’s virtual session. First, we sent all registered attendees a pre-event email two days before the event, alerting them to our client’s session and detailing what to expect at the event. Our addressable display campaign also targeted the registered guests based on their registered address. The campaign simultaneously targeted attendees directly on Facebook, while layering in a lookalike audience to expand the campaign’s reach to similar audiences. Finally, three days after the event, all registered event attendees received an email thanking and encouraging them to visit the client’s website and to contact them for more information. Using these four different media tactics in a comprehensive way, our integrated media campaign aimed to significantly increase website traffic and participation in our client’s virtual session.



“We loved seeing the high volume of potential customers coming to our website. It felt like 10 times more impressions than normal.”

Telecommunications Client